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Cubs' Room

This large room has en-suite toilet facilities and it is where toilet training begins in collaboration with parent’s wishes & each child’s readiness. All toys and equipment have been carefully selected with special consideration to promoting the children's physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. 

Children become familiar and feel comfortable with their new surroundings and there is lots to do in this room. Stronger friendships between peers form in the Cubs' Room and group play, turn taking, compromise and co-operation are all new skills to be mastered. We evaluate, assess and plan for children's individual learning through a world of play that excites and encourages investigation. The learning environment promotes independent thinking by giving the children access to an extensive range of materials and equipment. Practitioners are trained to enhance learning and development through the most up to date principles and strategies.

The Cubs' Room is registered for up to 19 children from 2-3 years with a minimum ratio of one adult to every six children.

"Our experience as Parents of J.F at Roscam Childcare Centre has been excellent and very enjoyable. We found the staff in J's room to be top class and extremely professional on all counts. We couldn't talk highly enough of Maria and Ronan and indeed on many occasions when I went to collect J he didn't want to come home!"

M, Parent