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Baby Room

The attractive, well-equipped baby room has en-suite changing room and milk room. It is registered for up to 10 babies from 4 months to 12 months approximately. Cots are provided in the designated quiet adjoining sleeping room and babies have access to a variety of stimulating toys, soft play, puzzles, music, books and natural materials appropriate to their age and ability.

Each baby’s individual requirements are discussed before arrival and care is taken to ensure that feeding and sleeping habits echo those at home. We work to a minimum ratio of one adult to every three babies in this room, with qualified, experienced staff eager to cuddle your child and give individual attention and ensure your baby thrives in the calm caring environment. Everything is at the baby’s level to enable them to become independent and curious learners. Our practitioners have been ‘hand picked’ and carefully selected to work in the baby Room. They demonstrate a love and commitment for working with young babies.

"Our Girls love Roscam Childcare Centre and they have had lots of fun and happy times there. The staff are wonderful and truly dedicated and they treat the children as if they were their own. We would have absolutely no hestitation in recommending Roscam Childcare Centre to any parent. Indeed, we still use the afterschool service provided there. "

L, Parent